Friday, August 19, 2016

01 Fall 16 Animation - Bouncing Ball with Bezier Curves

The videos in this category are specifically for my Fall 2016 section of ARTM 3103 Animation.  I made some revisions to the coursework and the labs are now running Adobe CC, so some updated material is necessary!

In this first video, I summarize how to search for a sound on, and how to assure that it is Creative Commons 0.  All sounds downloaded from for this class MUST be licenses Creative Commons 0.

In this next video, I discuss the basic workflow of creative an ellipse with bezier curves in After Effects CC, and then approaching the animation tonmake a bouncing ball, focusing on manipulation of the bezier curves. The final result will look something like this:

The first part of the workflow is this:

The second part of the workflow, utilizing the graph editor, is this:

Finally, we will be exporting our videos using the H.264 codec. Due to some "hiccups" on some machines when working with Adobe Media Encoder, we'll be creating a custom render through AE.  We will come back to Adobe Media Encoder later in the semester, however.  The rendering workflow is as follows:

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