Friday, September 30, 2016

Twine - Fall 2016 for Digital Media 2

AFTER watching the first video below, go to to get started.

(These videos are a complement to what we'll cover in class.)

Additional Useful Links:

Game Narrative Articles

Autobiography in Games (Documentary about That Dragon Cancer.)

Games for Change Grants

More Education Game Grants

About Narrative

Types of Essays
Narrative, Descriptive, Exposatory, Pursuasive

Forms, Genres, and Sub-genres (Read this list!)

What forms and genres are commonly found in AAA games?
(Keep in mind many forms include sub-genres.)
Fiction: Fanfiction, Fantasy,  Humour,  Mythopoeia,  Science Fiction, Suspense/Thriller, Western

What form and genres are commonly found in AAA games/emerging, or attached to another genre when employed? 
(Keep in mind many forms include sub genres.)
Fiction: Crime/detective, Fable, Fairy tale*, Folklore*, Legend*, Mystery, Mythology*, Picture book, Tall Tale
*Generally manifests as Mythopoeia, however.
Types of Games

Text Games / Interactive Fiction

The Big Question
What forms are not or only rarely found in games?  There's a LOT, you will choose one of these!

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